Saturday, November 11, 2006

Cathy Enters the 21st Century!

I'm not entirely clear exactly what a "blog" (what an ugly word!) is exactly, or what it's for, or why I should want one in the first place, but here I am. Hey, I'm a with-it kind of girl, I "show up", as we say in the New Age lingo.

I've created this blog because one of my Yahoo groups suggested it as a way to share pictures of our work - I guess the allotted space for that group is filling up fast. Pretty soon I'll figure out how to post photos & stuff. We'll see how that goes - first I'll have to figure out how to ever find this space again!

I might have a lot to say. I might get stage fright and clam up. Who knows? Odds are that before the new year arrives I'll have forgotten I ever created a blog. Or if I remember that I started one, I'll forget where it is. Gee, this could be a whole new variation on "hiding my own Easter eggs"!

Okay, I'll so-called "talk" to you later. And how do I put photos on here, which was supposed to be the whole point of the thing anyway...?

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Big Mouth in SA said...

Hi Cathy. Welcome to the BlogASphere! You may, I hope, find it more interesting and valuable than you think. I find that after more than a year and half of blogging, I have made friends across the country, increased traffic to my gallery site (and sales) found new ways to interact with the world and found amazing and inspirational work. It's also been a great tool for recording my own path and progress and keeping me honest about the work and time I put into the studio.