Saturday, January 24, 2009

OK, I'll play: 25 Random Things About Me

1) Some days I spend hours just communing with my little cat. Some days, she's the most "human" contact I have.

2) I love to handle fresh produce - fruits, vegetables, berries, roots: Bring them to me!

3) I consider myself to be shy, although invariably anyone who knows me bursts into hilarious laughter if I say that. Maybe my social friendliness & interest in you lets me avoid revealing anything much about myself - ever think about that?

4) I am deeply ashamed of how badly I sucked as a step-parent. It still baffles me, how that could have happened, but there it is. (But girls, if you should happen across this, I love you all, and value your presence in my life very much! It's all better now. And it was always about my issues, never about you.)

5) I had no idea when my first husband & I started out together those many years ago what wonderful strong, smart, kind, creative, interesting people we would create. Who knew? I stand forever humbled in the face of those 3 miracles! Start with little babies, and end up with fine, full people - who could believe it?

6) I will read and take an interest in almost anything. Except for a few things that are dead to me - techno, vampires and elves and unicorns, mathematics.

7) I read the Tarot cards sometimes. I dream of creating my own deck one day, but that's a lotta cards, and I have lots of other stuff to work on. And I also am good at interpreting dreams (It's a Pisces thing...)

8) Speaking of dreams - I LOVE my dreams! Such a fabulous source of entertainment, and occasionally wisdom and insight as well, arriving all unbidden and FREE to boot - how could you beat that?! I love my daughters' dreams, too.

9) I have an almost supernatural sense of smell. I can tell by the way the bathroom smells which kid has last used the toilet. I have detected dangerous hemorrhages in patients just by smelling blood as I whisked down the hall past their rooms; I've diagnosed liver disease in newborns by smell alone. And on the lovelier side, I hoard essential oils and yummy-smelling soaps and bath & cleaning products voraciously. I believe in and use aromatherapy.

10) But why, given all the all-natural all-organic cleaning and washing products I use, does my house always smell of burnt coffee when I walk in the door? This bugs me, every time.

11) Some days I think I am just lazy, rather than disabled and in pain.

12) But most days, I just WISH #11 were the case. Maybe both things are true...

13) It turns out that I have not been a good friend to most of my friends, even those I love dearly. I am not good at "reaching out"; I don't call or write, even though I often think of them; I am much better at listening than I am at offering up my own troubles. I often can't even show up at gatherings, due to my physical limitations, and I don't share about myself very well. It feels like the chronic pain issues have built a wall around me; I don't like to be seen when I'm not at my best, and I sure as hell don't want to moan or whine. Oy, such angst!

14) Some days I watch Court TV (now called In Session) all day. Well, listen to it, while I do other stuff.

15) I would like to break into this blog-world thing, but whenever I try I feel like I have nothing to say. Or more precisely, why would random people be interested in what I might have to say? Love to write, will write about almost anything, but go mute when faced with a blank computer screen. Maybe I need an assignment, like in school.

16) I am one of the only people I know who has a simple, uncomplicated, and loving relationship with my family-of-origin. Happy childhood, even happier adulthood. No unfinished business with my parents & sibs - I just love them and appreciate them. It's all good!

17) I may be the only person in America who does not feel over-stressed, overloaded, torn in too many directions. Been there, done that, didn't like it. In one of those good-things-disguised-as-a-bad-thing twists life brings, the injury that took me down also allowed me to step off the crazy merry-go-round.

18) I meditate. Quite a lot. I love it!

19) These are my favorite things in this life (besides my family & friends, of course): music, color, singing, the beauty and awesomeness of nature, the ocean, the mountains, the sky. Trees. Flowers. Well, and the babies, of course.

20) I don't know how the creative process works, or where it comes from. I don't even know where my own best work comes from.

21) Apparently I am a pacifist. I can't seem to find any war I can get behind, so I must be. "C'mon people, smile on your brother, everybody get together and try to love one another right now". Or at least - People: let's use our brains and our words to solve these problems!

22) My secret talent? I am a Sex Goddess. (Don't laugh! Saying "eeewwwww" may be appropriate.)

23) Goals? The word gives me hives - I don't like to be told what to do, even by myself! But I am working towards developing more productive work habits (it's hard when your "work" is equally your "play"), and towards building practices that will lead me towards better health. And world peace... (picture little winking emoticon here - I don't know how to make them).

24) Not only do I love my kids, Liddy, Molly, and Matthew, beyond measure, I admire them tremendously, each for different reasons: their humor, their passion, their willingness to engage with life as it is, their tender-heartedness, their creativity, their brightness of spirit as well as of intellect. But that's probably no secret!

25) I am so empathetic that it's often painful. Too much of other-peoples' energies rushing in on me. It's why I hate crowds.

Now, is there something further I'm supposed to do with this thing? Is there a game I don't know about going around? Clue me in!